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What Do Administrative Assistants Do?

A Deep Dive into the Dynamic Role of the Modern Admin Professional

How many times have you been asked this question?

Perhaps you are googling this very question to find out once and for all.

Having spent, over twenty years as an assistant I still get asked about the specifics of my job.

Q: "Jodie - What is it that you do? define it..."

A: " I cannot be defined by a Job description that is not fit for purpose or reused since 1990- check out my blog to get started..."

The truth is, that our responsibilities go beyond what many people perceive.

In this blog post, we'll explore the tasks that administrative assistants handle and how we contribute to the success of organisations and move forward.

Moving from duties to collaboration

Though some may think of administrative assistants as handling mundane tasks like scheduling meetings and reading emails, our roles have evolved considerably in recent times.

While we still excel in these areas we also take on responsibilities such as;

  • Strategic planning and implementation

  • Leading projects and fostering innovation

  • Managing finances and conducting analysis

  • Collaborating across different functions

  • Engaging in forward-thinking problem-solving

We are more than just support personnel, we are strategic partners and trusted advisors who play a crucial role, in advancing organisational goals and those of individuals too.

The importance of being proactive and adaptable

A significant strength of assistants lies in our ability to foresee needs, adapt to changes proactively and tackle challenges head-on.

We serve as the eyes and ears of our organisations constantly seeking ways to make processes more efficient enhance productivity and contribute positively.

For instance during the onset of the pandemic when many businesses had to transition quickly, administrative assistants played a vital role in facilitating this immediate shift.

We swiftly embraced tools and technologies that supported team connectivity and output and also devised solutions to unprecedented obstacles and daily situations.

Continuous Learning and Development

To excel in our positions administrative assistants must prioritise learning and development (L&D) Both personally and professionally. It's my view that it is essential to keep up with industry trends to acquire proficiency in emerging technologies and continuously broaden our skill sets.

Whether it involves training initiatives, mentorship programs or self-directed education efforts we are dedicated to expanding our knowledge base. By having that growth-oriented mindset and viewing challenges as opportunities, we can thrive in our roles while making contributions to our organisations.

"Acknowledging the Unsung Heroes"

I dislike this phrase as most of us nowadays are not hiding anymore and are not treated badly as the negative assumption once led us to believe, but for some, it does still happen.

Administrative assistants often operate behind the scenes in the workplace but it is your responsibility to find your voice if you want to change and come out of the shadows if you wish to move forward in this role and make a career out of your amazing skills.

  • We diligently ensure operations are smooth

  • Provide essential support, for our teams' and managers' success

So don't you think It's time for us to step forward into obtaining that recognition many speak about and acknowledge the value we bring to the organisation we work for?

To all the assistants reading this, I want to emphasise the significance of your work.

Step outside of your comfort zone regularly, stretch your learning, speak up and make known all of the vast skills you can bring to the role if you are still limited to your original job description.

It all starts with us - speak up, learn more to do more.

For those of you who googled "What Do Administrative Assistants Do?" Is it clearer now?

We are skilled, we are leaders, we are so much more than support - Jodie Mears

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." - Harvey S. Firestone


The Crodie Files Podcast is another great resource to learn more


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